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Cloth and their use.

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Cloth and their use.

Post  iRonan on December 31st 2013, 05:43

Please note that thsi is going to be the first crafting thing I made, some bugs may be there but I am hoping to get them all running perfect.

I am working on a complete toy system allowing you to modify your character how you want. Toys DO dissapear on death but they will save, they won't be editable and will be placed on the place it has to be on your character, to avoid abuse like very large hats.

This will take some time to create as I have to create about 250 toys and their crafting, almost everything is possible to create. From Caps to Backpacks. Please note that you can't create glasses as there's no plastic or any other chemical resource.

Cloth can also be used to craft a larger backpack, to hold more items when looting, it can also be used to create a personal tent. Only you are able to enter it as well as enter the chest, your chest can be used to store important items if they are rare.

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