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Rules [ READ ]

Post  iRonan on December 29th 2013, 01:01

Rules - Last updated: 2-1-2014

1) Do not break a rule because somebody else did.
Punishments depend on which rule you break.

2) No hacks, or third party plugins such as cleo.
It's easy, when using hacks/cleo mods you will get a permanent ban.

Allowed cleo mods:
- Stream Memory Fix
- GTA IV Animations
- GTA IV Map

3) Do not place tents where they shouldn't be.
Those are in: caves, IN rocks (hacks, permanent ban). The ban time depends on where.
3.1) Ban times are the following:
- Caves, 24 hours (Apply after your time expired)
- In rocks, permanent. - You can't get inside a rock without hacks, if you can, report it.
- At the water, 3 days ban. (Apply after your time expired)

4) No racism
EVEN WHEN IT'S A JOKE, avoid racism.
Ban time can be from 24 hours to a week, depending on how much you insulted.

5) Do not duplicate items.
Duplicating items is forbidden and counting as an exploit, anyone duplicating items gets a complete account reset and has to start again.

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