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Looting And Crafting

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Looting And Crafting

Post  iRonan on December 31st 2013, 04:29

At the moment I am busy with the loots, creating them as well as making them random. Any suggestion for loots can be left down here.

Current Loots:

  • Coconut
  • Half Coconut
  • Iron Ore - Variating amounts of iron ore.
  • Small Medkit - Gives 20% health
  • Medium Medkit - Gives 35% health
  • Large Medkit - Gives 50% health
  • Water Bottle
  • Empty water bottle - Can be filled at the river.
  • Bandage - Can stop bleeding
  • Deer body - Can be used on a campire for food, a bit cloth comes from them.
  • Red Flower Dye - Flowers can be picked up, and used to give your tent a color.
  • Yellow Flower Dye - Flowers can be picked up, and used to give your tent a color. Can be combined with other flowers.
  • Orange Flower Dye - Made by combining Red Flower Dye and Yellow Flower Dye.
  • Strawberry - Can be taken from strawberry bushes.
  • Strawberry Juice - Craftable with an EMPTY bottle and a strawberry, gives you a bottle of strawberry juice. Refills thirst with 10% and gives you 5% health.

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